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The Inspiration of Stylish And Chic Mini Dresses

She's transitioned from small-time Disney star to fully-fledged film actress.

And Bella Thorne definitely looks the part thanks to her new grown-up wardrobe, showcasing her chic sense of style at a photocall for her new movie The DUFF on Monday.

All eyes were on the charismatic 17-year-old star at the Corinthia Hotel in London as she promoted her new high school comedy, which has been hailed as the new Mean Girls.

Bella Thorne showed off her style credentials in a black minidress with a gold metallic trim at The DUFF photocall at London's Corinthia Hotel

Bella kept it simple in…


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Why is product photography important?

Plenty of reasons are there that account for the rising importance of product photography. A recently conducted survey states.

Information Share by Amanda Maddox Product…


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Wearables in Dance

For some time now I have been thinking about movement and light. I contacted Dancer/Artist Emily Smith to see if she would be interested in creating a performance with my wearable tech costumes. The way our collaboration works is I create a piece and then pass it to Emily. She is able to create a movement or dance using the piece. We are both interested in light and shape and its relationship to the body. We are in the beginning stages of our collaboration. 

Below are some…


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Adding A Difference To Your Home Décor With Amazingly Attractive And Affordable Ways

Do you feel excessively stressed out these days or feel that you are a dweller of boredom? While the ways of beating monotony and humdrum at home is innumerous, giving a makeover to your home décor can be a way to go! It might work for you, as well as any of your near and dear ones.  While decorating the rooms, it is a good idea to copy down your ideas in a paper as it can be confusing to experience this project of decoration without a proper planning. After considering that you will décor…


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Embroidery work has a huge market...

Embroidery and print work has become popular all over the world. There are so many benefits of embroidery works such as delivering consumers quality garment work, printing logo and other details about a company on workwear, etc. Some of the most popular embroidery products are industrial wear, corporate wear, sweatshirt, outdoorwear, etc.…


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Lightwear: An Exploration in Wearable Light Therapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder

“Lightwear” consists of a series of garment- and accessory-based light-emitting wearables designed to administer light therapy for on-the-go treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). To date, there have been few successful products developed for wearability and portability to ease the uncomfortable nature of traditional light…


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Christopher Raeburn Introduces Inflatable Puffer Jackets

Christopher Raeburn’s latest collection “Raft” includes primary-colored…


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Get the Best Holiday Presents Ever by Taking Advantage of Online Deals

Holiday shopping can be the most stressful event of the whole season. Between the crazy anxiety of finding an empty parking space in a packed lot, navigating mall traffic, huge lines at the cashier and overworked sales personnel, it may seem like you’ll never be able to get your shopping list done. Imagine if there was a way to stay home in the comfort of your living room or office, and still get presents your family and friends will love. There are…


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Kirstie Alley shows off slimline new figure in blue dress as she turns 64 after shedding 50lbs

It's been a big year for Kirstie Alley - seeing her shed 50lbs with the help of Jenny Craig.

And what better way to celebrate her weight-loss success than with cocktails, friends... and a huge cake.

The actress marked her 64th birthday with a slap-up meal at New York hot spot Mr Chow on Monday, joined by a gang of her chums.

Kirstie Alley

While her late night, charted on her Twitter page, seemed rather raucous, the Dancing With The Stars alumni was up early to film an interview with Rachael Ray, set to screen on Friday While her late night, charted on her Twitter page, seemed rather raucous, the Dancing With The Stars alumni was up early to film an interview with Rachael Ray, set to screen on Friday 2

And while her late night, charted…


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Cheap online shopping

Globalization has made it possible for someone to easily buy a product from one continent while they live in some other. Before the introduction of this global village called the internet, there were only two options for you whenever you wanted to buy a product. The first one was for you to travel to the country where the product could be bought or just forget about it. Today, there are so many online site that you can make purchases from. However, you may be concerned with doing an economic…


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Embroidery and Print Work are High in Demand

Print and embroidery works are high in demand. They are sought by businesses that want to solidify their business credentials by putting up exciting logos  on bags, hats or t-shirts. Individual customers also like them very much; print works are found everywhere in rugby clothing, jumper, polo shirts, corporate-wear, etc. The volume of exports of print and embroidery works has been increasing.…


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Vigour — A Gorgeous Wearable For Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

Designed by Pauline van Dongen in cooperation with TU Eindhoven & Textiel Museum, Vigour…


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fashionable beats solo hd wholesale Canada

Terms accept generally been activated boxing day beats getting a ability for generation. If you ability accept at any time abstraction the Bible, you may accept acclaimed something absolutely boxingÅzwddayÅzwdbeats C8N2316I central Guide of Genesis and central the New Testament which tells about the development of our present soil. You may use any of the offered layered hair variations provided by stylists to alter your glimpse, bare of…


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A Golden Gift Idea For This Christmas

Its Christmas time and you can see how gift stores have filled in their shelves with all types of presents and gift souvenirs for you to choose from. Actually, there are so many of them that you might find it hard to choose one thing from the other. So what about doing something different this year? What about adding some ‘gold’ to…


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Choosing The Best Type of Handmade Jewelry for Any Occasion

Girls love each and everything that is beautiful and priceless. Handmade jewelries are, in fact something that a woman tend never to have too many of them. You can have this hand crafted beauties in different shapes, forms and made from various materials, ranging from precious gold and silver to recycled materials. With Christmas just around the corner, you might be busy selecting and planning gifts for your near and dear ones. If you want to deviate from the traditional options and think of…


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Describe the Drying Advantages of Hot Air Stirring Dryer

Hot air dryer, also called hot air stirring dryer, adopts biaxial agitation and spiral propulsion to dry materials withhigh moisture content and high viscosity. It can reduce the moisture content of materials from 65% to 5%-12% at one time generally within 2 to 20 minutes.

Hot Air Dryer

Advantages of Hot Air Stirring Dryer:

1. Standard type with well-known main electrical control (such as the inverter, PID temperature controller, SSR, circuit breakers, relays, magnetic…


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Share a Simple Introduction to Screw Classifiers

Spiral classifier is a mechanical grading equipment which works based on the different proportion of solid particles with different sedimentation rate in the liquid. Spiral classifier is also known as screw classifier and mining spiral classifier, which is widely used not only for shunting mineral sand in closed loop combined with ball mills, or in the gravity grading of ore and fine mud, but also in grading pulp particle size of metal beneficiation process, dehydration and washing…


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Wearables in Contemporary Ballet

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Glitchaus Read Error Edition 2 Scarf Shown here in white and navy blue, this unique 50% merino wool, 50% acrylic design scarf is 175x25cm (69"x10"). Each pixel is a stitch making this knit a direct…

Glitchaus Read Error Edition 2 Scarf

Shown here in white and navy blue, this unique 50% merino wool, 50% acrylic design scarf is 175x25cm (69"x10"). Each pixel is a stitch making this knit a direct translation of a motif generated with digital error techniques.

Scarf materials are…


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