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Techno Textiles - Concordia University

This past fall (2015), I taught an introductory class of technology textiles to fibers students at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. This was for many students a first introduction to the world of electronics, soft circuits, programming and designing for interaction. Needless to say, the final projects pretty much blew me…


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3D Print and the Jewellery Industry: An Overview

3D printers are a type of Rapid Prototyping technology, positioned as a design tool for producing inexpensive models early in the process of design. The physical models created by the 3D printers make it possible for the design team to review the concepts. In turn, this guarantees the manufacturer better feedback. As you can guess, this results in superior products. 3D printing offers the manufacturers a scope to realise real-time teamwork on a global scale. In recent times, the use of 3D…


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Cute Circuit Designs Illuminated Uniforms for Airline Easy Jet


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Fabricate - Wearable 3D Printing for the Rest of Us

If you were wondering how the gorgeous yet rigid 3D printed haute couture of the likes of Iris van Herpen or Francis Bitonti might trickle down to the masses, 3D Systems might have the answer.…


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Interactive Fashion from Rotterdam

More nice work coming out of the Netherlands fashion schools with Jasna Rokegem's Brainwaves pieces.

Photo: Jasna Rokegem

Styled for both men and women (so long as they are from the…


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How to Capture Great Product Photographs?

Images are extremely powerful. They tell a story, inspire, persuade and much more. If used properly, they can help a lot in selling a product. For example, adding a picture to a restaurant menu increases the sale of an item by around 30%.

Images are not optional when running an e-commerce store comes under concern. Before making a purchase, the shoppers love to check out on the image as it aids in getting a visual sense of the product. To speak blatantly, an image has the capacity to…


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Fashionable therapy brightens winter SADness

What if you could brighten your day with the push of a button? And if that shine came from your clothes? Your hat? Or even your glasses? From Google Glass and Recon’s heads-up display to FitBit and the Apple Watch, technology that you wear is no longer a thing of science fiction. 

There’s so much wearable technology out there, “why not use it to treat something?” asks Halley…

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Chameleon Mood Scarf

Neffa Studio's Chameleon Mood Scarf is designed to create a sense of comfort, warmth, peace and safety for the wearer.

Photo: Neffa Studio



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Traditional Photography Versus Photo Booth Which One Should You Go For

It is common that most of us hesitate to stand in front of the camera or we feel somehow uncomfortable to give a natural pose in any private portrait session.

Most of the experienced photographers mention that they find most of the people feeling little bit awkward or become self-conscious as well in front of a camera. Majority of the people will talk about their views why they do not like the pictures they give pose to click or how they will look not so good in their portraits or…


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A Unforgettable Chinese Wedding Party

With only six days left until the wedding, Kane and I are looking forward to breathing huge sighs of relief when the big day finally arrives.

My parents-in-law also prepared our new bedroom with red bedding with dragon and phoenix embroidery. The red color symbolises good luck and wards of evil spirits. The Double Happiness with doll were placed on the bed in order to bring a child to the family soon. However, the night before the wedding, i return home to my parents' house…


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Smart Fabrics + Wearable Technology 2015 Review

Smart Fabrics + Wearable Technology 2015 recently held from May 11-13 in the booming start-up town of San Francisco featured some of the most exciting and cutting edge research and innovation in fabrics and wearables tech.…


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Hairstyle Ideas for Short Hair

Summer is here and so is the heat. With heat comes the annoying problem of sweat and dirt. And the long tresses that we treasure so much gives us all the more problems in this heat. This is why the short hair trend is very in right now.

Needless to say, you should get your hair trimmed at the best salon only, because a couple of bad snips here and there could completely ruin your style. Therefore, we recommend you to get your hair cut from the right salon. If you live anywhere near…


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In the Presence of Myself


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Charm of Long Elegant Summery Dresses

Emily Blunt oozed heaps of elegance as she arrived at the Audi Polo Challenge at London’s Coworth Park on Sunday.

The British beauty, who is married to fellow actor John Krasinski, looked sensational in a pink halterneck dress, which flattered her perfectly toned curves with its cinched waist.

The stunning number, complete with a flared hemline and a chic bow detail, was accessorised with stunning gold earrings and a dazzling set of rings while she toted a box-style…


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The Fashion Show - Black Short Dresses

After nearly 15 years of marriage, their relationship is 'stronger than ever.'

And their affection for each other was obvious as Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas posed together at The Actors Fund Annual Gala in New York City on Monday.

The 45-year-old actress looked elegant in a black A-line dress while making a rare public appearance with the 70-year-old veteran actor. 

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas made a rare public appearance together at The Actors Fund Annual Gala in New York City on Monday

Ocean's Twelve star Catherine's chic number included a lace…


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Smart Fabrics Conference May 11 - 13

If you can only attend one wearable technology conference this year, then Smart Fabrics 2105 should be at…


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Stuck With Photo Booth Jargons? Here Is The Key To The Problem

You might have come across a number of ‘tips’ that techno gurus have shared online regarding the choice of photo booth. You might have read them all; but are you sure that you have understood what they all meant, as well? Technical terms are, after all, meant for techies primarily. So if you want them all to be well-explained in a layman’s…


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Your Best Plus-Size Bathing Suit Is Out There! Start Shopping Online

With summer just around the corner, every woman is on the hunt for the perfect bathing suit. Obviously, this kind of shopping holds challenges for everyone but if you need a plus-sized swimsuit, the task can feel insurmountable. From limited department store selections to larger sizes selling out quickly, the whole process can be fraught with roadblocks. Sometimes it can feel like designers don’t know how to dress larger bodies…


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Ask These Questions to Avoid Pitfalls While Organizing Your Wedding

Wedding is surely one of the most important events of your life. So, you must be looking forward to making it great. But it is not easy to organize the wedding parties in a way that they are completely error free. In fact, most of the people organizing their wedding parties tend to fall prey to some common mistakes. These pitfalls can make the wedding fail significantly.

So, you need to ask a few questions to ensure that the wedding planning is going in the right way. It is…


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Explore and Learn from the Students of the Wearables Class at CCA

The class Wearable and Soft Interactions is now in it's third semester. Each semester the students have been busy with assignments that document and report on electronic components and techniques that are used while…


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