Iris Van Herpen Spring Summer 12 Couture Collection

Iris Van Herpen Spring Summer 12 Couture Collection

Iris Van Herpen's vision of an earthy, techno-futurism translates into sensuous, otherworldly forms that push the boundaries of construction, materially and couture itself.

It is Van Herpen's ingenious use of technology combined with master craftsmanship that give her garments their deceptively organic feel.

The show opened with her signature exoskeleton dress, this time made from hundreds of iridescent semi-circular pieces of plexiglas, modeled first on a computer, and later number-coded and hand-stitched onto the garment.

The outcomes of her experimentation with materials and technology is downright mesmerizing.

Her other pieces included garments made from unconventional materials such as latex, silk layered under very fine plastic filaments, and even synthetic boat rigging.

And, just in case you were wondering, the shoes aptly titled the Fang are a collaboration with United Mood.

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