..or so I'm calling them for now. You know, jewelry for your inner nerd. This is the first set I made. I just happened to have a pair of broken earrings (they got run over by the car) and a bunch of resistors I had bought with the idea of making jewelry. If I ever get more time, and maybe my own set of jewelry tools I might start selling them on my etsy page.

Oh, and if you're wondering...they're 6.8 Ohms. (c:

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Alison these are wonderful! I love how you designed them with a greater wattage resistor (hence the size) in the center. Plus the play on words — lovely! When you post them on etsy, please email me a link. I will post it on the main page.

I just created a necklace the other night to match the earrings. My next goal is to make another set and put them up on etsy finally. I will let you know when I do that.


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