Thanks for a great input!

I am looking for some off the shelf conductive ink/pigments for screen printing, but so far it seems like there's only a pen..

Do you know where one could get conductive ink? Or other conductive solutions (like sheets or foils that can be glued to the fabric)?

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Hi Hillevi,

two years ago I bought screen printable electro conductive ink:
Electrodag 418 SS (product name)

Acheson Colloiden, B.V.
P.O. Box 1
9679 ZG Scheemda
Tel: +31 (0)597 670502
Fax: +31 (0)597 670595

they can also send you a data-sheet with information on the screen-mesh you need, cleaning solvents etc.

good luck!
Hi! Im also loooking for conductive ink for paper substrates. This company doesnt seems to produce ink anymore. Cant reach or contact them in anyway. Do U have some others by any chance????

Thank you.

There's a tutorial for making conductive glue here:


which mentions that you can buy

"Carbon Graphite, fine powder- Available in larger quantities at http://www.elementalscientific.net/
Available in smaller quantities at your local hardware store. It's called lubricating graphite and comes in small tubes or bottles. The brand I used is called AGS Extra Fine Graphite, but no doubt there are other brands that will also work."

I haven't tried it, but it should be possible to mix fine carbon graphite with screen printing medium. I'm interested in mixing it with block printing medium for lino block printing, myself.

I am looking for conductive ink too, and I would like to learn how does it works to do something with led and conductive ink. Does anyone know?
thank you,

You can find conductive paint (which they say can be screen printed) as well as several tutorials for use here:


There should be some ink companies.  One ink company I am working with is http://www.conductives.com/.


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