I'm wondering what conductive thread you would most recommend. The kind I got from sparkfun is very hairy and causes a lot of shorting-out and headaches. The one pictured on page 59 looks more like a fine tape. Can you recommend something that might be easier to work with?

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I do have an email in to them and see that a catalog has made it 's way into my inbox. I'll keep you posted! I've since discovered that one of the wires I weave with is conductive, so that may answer my question!
Is there any chance of fire for leaving a circuit on (with low voltage - 3 volts) for long periods of time? I am looking at particularly a gallery installation and leaving the battery running for 4 or more hours. Any documentation on this?

Cheryl / Muppin
As long is your circuit is designed properly you should be fine.


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