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Tory Burch Fashions The Fitbit

The greatly anticipated Tory Burch collaboration with Fitbit is available for preorder today. The small collection features two patterned silicone bracelets, a brass necklace and brass bracelet. 

Out of all four, the brass bracelet is my personal favorite. The collection is designed with Burch’s classic graphic sensibility. Priced at $195 for the bracelet and $175 for the pendant, fashioning your Fitbit also comes at a designer price. 

Unlike most costume jewelry, the Fitbit accessories are meant to be worn daily. I’d be a bit concerned about how quickly it would oxidize with everyday use. 

So what you guys think: Hot or…


Posted by Syuzi on July 15, 2014 at 2:00pm — 2 Comments

Digital Loom That Weaves Yarn in Three Dimensions

Oluwaseyi Sosanya, a graduate from Royal College of Art, has designed this amazing loom that can weave yarn in three dimensions. The printer is rudimentary at this stage, but the potentials for architecture and product design are incredible. 

via Dezeen

Posted by Syuzi on June 26, 2014 at 3:02pm — 1 Comment

Textile Prints Made With Cabbage Dye and Electricity

Cindy Strobach uses red cabbage dye and electrical household appliances to create fascinating colorful printed textiles.  She created the work for her Final Show project at London's Royal College of Art.

Photo: Cindy Strobach

Part of a larger exploration into the invisible phenomena of our everyday environment, the Electro Colour series reveals the hidden lives of two electrical appliances, a speaker and a toaster.  Working with water electrolysis, which changes the water's acidity level depending on its proximity to positive or negative electrodes, she uses red cabbage dye on silk as a pH indicator.  This allows us to see the acidic and alkaline properties of the process as colored patterns.

Look familiar?  It's the inside of a toaster.  Photo: Cindy Strobach

There's so much to like about this work - on one level the pieces can be appreciated as aesthetically-pleasing and well-crafted. Conceptually, there is a kind of communication between the artist and the lowly devices that inhabit her home. The more poetic among us might say she give the appliances a voice, but personally, I'm above all delighted by the beautiful science-demo aspect of the work.

If you like this work as much as I do and…


Posted by meg on June 26, 2014 at 9:13am — 5 Comments

Withings’ Activité — Enhancing a Classic Timepiece With Sensors

With the impending threat of smart watches making activity trackers obsolete, Withings has made a brave, bold move to enhance a classic timepiece with activity monitoring capabilities. The end result is a timeless watch with a second dial that displays your progress towards your goal. 

Activite is first and foremost a timepiece and it is a bold move for a technology company to enter into the traditional world of watchmaking. Created by a team of Parisian designers and Swiss watchmakers, Activité can bravely command its $390 price point without having brand recognition let alone any history. 

Activité pushes activity monitors beautifully into the realm of…


Posted by Syuzi on June 24, 2014 at 12:00pm — 1 Comment

Wearable sculpture critiques online privacy

Both stylish and provocative, x.pose is a "wearable data-driven sculpture" that makes us think twice about how much we reveal about ourselves online. The work is Xuedi Chen's ITP Thesis 2014, but is made in collaboration with interaction designer and programmer, Pedro Oliveira.

Photo: Roy Rochlin

x.pose is a 3D printed mesh structure framing Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) panels that change opacity to expose more or less of the wearer's skin. The opacity is controlled via the wearer's smartphone and reacts to how much private data is being shared. It's a great example of New Aesthetic, where the digital world leaks into the physical.

Linked via Bluetooth to the wearer's smartphone, the garment displays how much private data (geolocation, etc) the wearer is sharing. Each part of the sculpture represents a different geographical location, which becomes more and more transparent as more data is exposed.
Not only is this piece both conceptually sound and a technical achievement, it's accompanied by a well-presented overview on Behance in case you want to dive a bit deeper into the project and…

Posted by meg on June 13, 2014 at 2:30pm

Intel-Sponsored Extreme Wearables Designathon

I’m thrilled to announce the Intel-sponsored Extreme Wearables Designathon taking place at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA June 27-29. 

The Designathon is a three day making fest where multidisciplinary teams of designers, engineers, scientists, storytellers come together to fashion wearable technology prototypes that can truly change lives. 

I, along with a team of experts, will be leading the 3 day making festivities so I hope you can join. If access to 3D printers, free Adafruit Flora Sensor Kits, and sewing machines isn’t enough to wet your appetite, winning teams have the chance to win $1,000 Cash from Intel® Corporation + opportunity to pitch at WearableTechLA + free entry to WearableTechLA + project feature on

Spaces are limited so register today!! 



Posted by Syuzi on June 12, 2014 at 4:40pm

Ringly — A Bluetooth Notification Ring That Lets You Know When You’re Receiving A Call

Just like fashion, wearable tech is being driven by trends. 2013 was the year of wrist-worn devices while 2014 will be driven by wearables that take the form of jewelry. 

In May, Misfit Wearables launched the  Bloom necklace, a stainless steel pendant to wear the Shine activity tracker. In Janurary at CES, Fitbit announced a collaboration with fashion designer Tory Burch to transform the Fitbit into a fashionable accessory. 

Today we have the launch of Ringly, a Bluetooth ring targeted at women who don’t want to miss a call. Ringly is banking is on fact that smart jewelry will appeal to women more than a smart watch. With the current bulky design of most smart watches, they may be right. …


Posted by Syuzi on June 10, 2014 at 2:01pm

Space: What to wear?

In a news release last week on their blog, NASA announced the ForceShoe, designed by XSENS, a 3D motion tracking company. The shoe finely tracks pressure both in gravity and zero-gravity environments in order to analyze astronauts' performance during weight-bearing exercises.  Let's take a look:

Who knew that shuffleboard was a NASA-approved weight-bearing exercise? Photo: NASA

Our bones and muscles are optimized for Earth-like gravity conditions. That's why extended periods of time spent in space result in bone-density and muscle strength degradation.  Weight-bearing exercises are difficult to do in weightless environments so space agencies have developed exercise machines using vacuum cylinders to help astronauts minimize the effects of time spent in zero-g.

The sandals will gather data on astronauts' workout behavior both on Earth and in space in order to analyze the differences between these environments and design better exercises and equipment. These shoes aren't a fashion item, they're a device that's part of a tool-kit.

It's not really fair to judge this kind of tech without knowing all the constraints faced by the development team, so I do offer my critique with my tongue in my cheek. I'm sure that the amount of tech packed into these shoes would blow my tiny mind, but I'm still going to give you my two cents (one cent technical, one cultural):

1. Was it necessary to make such a large device? In space missions, every ounce counts, so surely a slipper or sock would have been a better solution. I can imagine…


Posted by meg on June 7, 2014 at 1:30pm

The Next Black Documentary — The Future of Fashion

The Next Black is a must see documentary on the future of fashion design and manufacturing. Featuring some of the most experimental and disruptive designers, this documentary beautifully gives you a glimpse into future techno-ateliers.


Posted by Syuzi on June 3, 2014 at 10:26am

Studio Roosegaarde’s Smog Ring Transforms Fashion Into a Political Statement

Dan Roosegaarde’s latest, and perhaps most ambitious project to date, is to build “smog-free parks” in Beijing that harvest smog particles from the environment. The particles extracted from the Beijing city air will be transformed into stones set in precious jewelry. 

The black dust captured in the ring symbolically will represent a cubic kilometer of cleaned air. 

Currently in the concept phase, the ring will contain a clear stone with the black dust particles embedded in the center. The rings are not only socio-eco-political statements but their sales will help fund the development of more “smog-free parks.”

The question remains how sustainable can the development of the these “smog-free parks” be and how they too will ultimately contribute to the pollution.

via NY Times.

Posted by Syuzi on May 19, 2014 at 12:05pm


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The greatly anticipated Tory Burch collaboration with Fitbit is available for preorder today. The small collection features two patterned silicone bracelets, a brass necklace and brass bracelet. …See More
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