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Chameleon Mood Scarf

Neffa Studio's Chameleon Mood Scarf is designed to create a sense of comfort, warmth, peace and safety for the wearer.

Photo: Neffa Studio

Different layers of phase-change inks change and react depending on the environment, making different patterns come to the forefront depending on the situation.

Photo: Neffa Studio

Neffa Studio describes the phase-change design this way: "the black pattern is printed in thermochromic ink, which responds to the wearer’s body temperature. The pattern disappears as it warms up; this gives the scarf a more muted appearance and renders the wearer less conspicuous, which is precisely what you want if it is fear or stress that has forced your body temperature up. The light green pattern is printed in photoluminescent ink, which reacts to light and glows greenish blue in the dark for added visibility. The white print uses photochromic ink. This print reacts to UV light and changes from white to orange when the wearer goes outdoors, reflecting how sunlight often improves people’s mood."

Video by Local Androids

What I like about this scarf is its well-considered use of technologically-advanced materials.  There are plenty of…


Posted by meg on July 28, 2015 at 9:36pm

Smart Fabrics + Wearable Technology 2015 Review

Smart Fabrics + Wearable Technology 2015 recently held from May 11-13 in the booming start-up town of San Francisco featured some of the most exciting and cutting edge research and innovation in fabrics and wearables tech. Smart Fabrics + Wearable Technology is a leading industry conference that blends business with the science of smart textiles and features speakers as diverse as engineers, business developers, and fashion and technology experts.

Given that 2015 has so far been a landmark year for wearables in the tech industry, the tone of the conference was decided tuned to business, emerging markets and productions modes as well as the touchy issues of intellectual property and legal frameworks around building a new business in tech. That said, a lot more internal questioning on the purpose and the design vision of wearables was considered in this edition of Smart Fabrics + Wearable Technology. Having attend this conference on a number of occasions in the past, I can attest to the focus having evolved from an insider group to a full fledged startup culture that is ripe to not only change the tech market, but our relationships to objects, data, and engineering as it becomes increasingly intertwined with personal issues of the body. The conference can best be summarized by an overview of a few of the highlight presentations.

Monday May 11, 2015

The fist day was focused on industry:

Denise Gershbein from FROG DESIGN started the conference by highlighting the role of…


Posted by 3lectromode on July 8, 2015 at 11:00am

Smart Fabrics Conference May 11 - 13

If you can only attend one wearable technology conference this year, then Smart Fabrics 2105 should be at the top of your list. What differentiates this conference from all the others is its diversity of speakers. From researchers working in corporations and academic institutions to design consultancies imagining the user experience of future wearables, the Smart Fabrics conference offers you the opportunity to meet divergent thinkers all invested in the future of wearable technology. 

The Smart Fabrics conference takes place May 11 -13 at the Hyatt Regenchy in San Fancisco. And as a member of the Fashioning Tech community, you’re in luck! Use the code FT15 for a $200 discount. 

Hope to see you there! 

Some highlights from the agenda are presented below. You can access full agenda here

Workshop: Hacking the Tiny Screen

May 11, 2014: 8:00-…


Posted by Syuzi on April 27, 2015 at 12:43pm

Hairware - Interactive Hair Extensions Augment Natural Gestures

Notice anything strange about this photo?

That's a crocodile clip, not a hair clip.

She's done it again: Beauty technologist, Katia Vega (together with fellow researchers, Marcio Cunha and Hugo Fuks) is once more pushing the boundaries of wearable electronics with her latest project, Hairware.

Hairware is beauty technology using chemically metalized hair extensions as a capacitive touch interface.  Actions are triggered when the wearer touches her hair - the extensions are natural-looking and are able to be completely hidden on users with long hair.  Hairware allows unconscious behavior, like twirling and playing with hair, to be interpreted by an algorithm and expressed in a number of different ways.

Stroking your hair could send a message to a loved-one, trigger a confidence-boosting message or, of course, take a selfie.

Using the body as an interactive platform, the seamless and embedded nature of Hairware raises interesting questions about the advantages and disadvantages of disguising technology on one's body.  Do we have a social obligation to signal to others when we're interfacing with our devices in social situations?  Or should we just expect our devices to simply become another layer of social interaction?

Katia and her team already have an impressive collection in their Beauty Technology range, such as conductive make-up and RFID fingernails projects.  What I find really interesting about the mixing of these media is the combination of modern…


Posted by meg on April 12, 2015 at 11:00pm

Christopher Raeburn Introduces Inflatable Puffer Jackets

Christopher Raeburn’s latest collection “Raft” includes primary-colored inflatable latex puffer jackets that are far sexier than any life preserver. 

The collection with its darker “survival” theme is playfully juxtaposed with a novel use of colorful inflatable latex, essentially creating designer floaties for adults.…


Posted by Syuzi on January 16, 2015 at 1:57pm

Bring A Little Bling To Your Workout with Misfit’s Solar-Powered Activity Trackers Made From Swarovski Crystals

Swarovski, best known for their blingy crystals, has a history of innovative collaborations with product and fashion designers. Nearly 8 years ago, a collaboration with Swarovski and Hussein Chalayan resulted in the first wearable tech garments, decorated with crystals and lasers, to be shone on the runway. 

No stranger to fashion tech, Swarovski’s latest fashion tech collaboration is with Misfit. The offerings radically reconsider the materials that tech products can be constructed from. To note, the Misfit Shine set itself apart from other activity trackers by creating an elegant activity…


Posted by Syuzi on January 6, 2015 at 3:06pm

Vigour — A Gorgeous Wearable For Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

Designed by Pauline van Dongen in cooperation with TU Eindhoven & Textiel Museum, Vigour is a beautifully knitted cardigan with knit stretch sensors that continually monitors the wearer’s movement. 

The data connects to a mobile app that can be used by patients, therapists and caretakers to monitor and watch the rehabilitation process. 



Posted by Syuzi on December 18, 2014 at 12:30pm

Make It Wearable Winners

Drumroll please... The winner of Intel's Make It Wearable development track is:

Nixie, a wearable, flying selfie-cam!

Yes, the above image is a rendering and at first glance it may look like a bulky piece of hardware, but the latest prototype is rather elegant. This was definitely in my top 3 picks due to the segmented industrial design solution for the arms of the quad-copter wrapping around the wrist.  Hopefully they'll make some nice images with some of their $500K prize money, but meanwhile, here's their publicity video:

Congratulations, Team Nixie!

In second place, the heart-warming project from Open Bionics. An open-source, 3D printable robotic hand, filling the need for affordable, customizable prosthetics.

And third place went to ProGlove, a tool to help manufacturing professionals to analyze and augment their work (while looking cool).

There is still time to vote for the fan favorite at  Maybe you love one of the top three, but the other seven finalists are well worth checking out:


A bracelet that warms or cools the…


Posted by meg on November 3, 2014 at 8:30pm

Make It Wearable Finalists

The ten finalists of Intel's Make It Wearable Build It development track will be announced today, 3 November in San Francisco.  Your intrepid reporter is there to get the scoop. :)

You can participate by watching the live webcast NOW on and you can add your voice to the fan vote using the same link.

Yesterday, each team presented their hard work to a panel of judges and guests.  You can read more about the finalists here:

Posted by meg on November 3, 2014 at 12:00pm

Interactive Synapse Dress by Anouk Wipprecht reveals wearer's metal states

Created by Dutch FashionTech Designer Anouk Wipprecht, modeled in collaboration with Italian Architect Niccolo Casas, 3D printed at Materialise, and the awaited Intel Edison (announced at this years CES in Las Vegas) was incorporated into this garment to make it the smartest yet!

Anouk's work tries to imagine how new high tech materials combined with smart sensors and actuators can impact the ways we connect, communicate and relate to one another. She believes technology will transform from the role of a 'device' towards functioning more as an integrated medium. As 'wearable electronics' like smart watches and trackers have fully arrived and it's time to look at what more fashion has to offer, and the field of smart textiles and interactive garments have barely been explored. While there starts to arise more requests for 'intelligent fashion' from the consumer market, as noticed by the designer.

The Synapse Dress is an experiment between…


Posted by matt pinner on September 17, 2014 at 4:30pm


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Neffa Studio's Chameleon Mood Scarf is designed to create a sense of comfort, warmth, peace and safety for the wearer.Photo: Neffa Studio Different layers of phase-change inks change and react depending on the environment, making different patterns…See More
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